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The Mineral Prospector, Mick Shmazian

December 19, 2017
With the dawn of then current technological era, with the prevalence of smartphones, tablets and computers, came a rise in the use of mineral resources that were already in finite supply. With the additional usage has come a difficult situation; a relative scarcity of some minerals that much of society needs. The fact is, many industries and, in fact, the entire world economy, depends heavily on the strong efforts of mineral prospectors like Mick Shmazian to help keep the flow of certain minerals moving. That is the only way to keep prices predictable and fair. Unfortunately, there are many speculators out there who drive the price of some minerals up, which is good for them, but not for most others.

The constant forward movement of technology makes it likely that many of these mineral resources will be replaced by something less tenuous in supply, but that may be decades away. In the meantime, it has become very important for mining companies and many others to maintain a reliable supply. That means the worth of mineral prospectors like Mick Shmazian will be very high for a very long time. After all, mining companies must maintain stability in order to remain profitable.

It’s not just about manufacturing great products in good times. In difficult economic times, investors of all types tend to turn to minerals, especially those like gold, as a hedge against stock market downturns. Since most investors can’t keep the minerals they own in their possession, so companies have to store as much of them as they can as safely and securely as possible. As Mick Shmazian well knows, there are sometimes huge overheads associated with storing and trading in minerals like those. Without pros like Mick, it becomes far far too easy for speculators to manipulate the market.